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Giving Back For Your Well Being

Ways To Offer Support After A Stillbirth

by Connor Williamson

It can be difficult to help expectant parents whose expectations were tragically altered by a stillbirth. It's important to acknowledge their loss and to be emotionally supportive. If the bereaved parents are having difficulty processing the loss of their baby, what are some of the ways you can support them during this painful time?

A Memorial Service

Some parents who have suffered through a stillbirth might want to have a funeral for their little one, but this thought might not occur to everyone. A private memorial service can be a helpful part of dealing with grief, and this can be a substitute for a formal funeral if the parents have opted not to have one. A memorial service allows the parents to know that they're not alone and that their family and friends share their loss. It's a way for everyone to be physically there for the parents and to offer some emotional support at a time when it's most needed. If it's too difficult for the parents to arrange the service themselves, it's something you can help them with. All you need to know is who the parents want to invite, and then you can take it from there, arranging an appropriate ceremony for the baby to be farewelled.

Charitable Donations

Approximately one third of parents will choose their baby's name during the second trimester of pregnancy. A stillborn baby can have a name, and even though they tragically didn't get to spend any time with their parents, their parents can still do some good in their baby's name. Suggest a donation to a baby charity in the baby's name. The parents might wish to make a financial contribution themselves, and you can also ask family members and friends, allowing the maximum possible donation. It can be reassuring for parents to know that some good is being done in their baby's name. 

General Assistance

The grief associated with the loss of a baby can be overwhelming, and just as with any death, offering immediate practical support to the family can be extremely helpful. Traditional bereavement etiquette is appropriate, so consider bringing meals to the family, along with offering to assist with household chores and errands. Don't forget any other children the family might have. They're also grieving, even though younger children might not grasp the impact of what has actually happened. Offer to take these children out for the day. It can help them to take their minds off the tragedy, and gives their parents some time for quiet reflection.  

The loss of a baby is unimaginable, and while you can't take away the parent's pain, you can help them through the grieving process.