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In the past, I always used to think of giving back as a sacrifice. I thought about how much time I was missing away from work and how much money it would cost to volunteer. However, after going on one life-changing humanitarian aid trip, my entire outlook changed. I learned that volunteering was about much more than spending time in a foreign country or with people who have less. If you have more to give, make sure you're giving it. Check out this blog for great information on humanitarian service, volunteering with the people around you, and trying to avoid problems while you are on the road.


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Giving Back For Your Well Being

What to Do with Vehicles You No Longer Want

by Connor Williamson

Besides the obvious option of selling your vehicle for full current value, you might want to consider some of the other things that you can do with it. This is rather important, especially if you feel as though you might have a hard time selling the vehicle because of its age or low value.

Donate It

There are a lot of different vehicle donation programs out there that you can give your vehicle to. Some donation programs will take the vehicles and either sell them or turn them in to a recycling company for money. They then use that money for a good cause. Some programs will take the vehicles, fix whatever needs to be fixed, and then give them to single mothers or victims of natural disasters so they can continue to go to work or get to doctors appointments. Either way, no matter which type of donation program you pick, they should be able to provide you with a receipt for your donation. This receipt can be used to help offset some of the taxes you have to pay when income tax time rolls around.

Turn It into a Demolition Derby Vehicle

Even if you do not participate in the demolition derby, you might have a lot of fun painting your vehicle and adding the better safety belts and roll bars that will make the vehicle ideal for the demolition derby. You can then sell it to someone that needs a vehicle to use in the function. This can be a very fun project not just for yourself but for your entire family. If you already know someone that will be purchasing it from you for a derby, you can even ask them what kind of colors they would like to use or if they have a particular racing number that they would like to have painted on the vehicle.

Save It for Your Kids

Whether your kids are just about to get their driver's licenses or they have a few years to go, it might be worth holding on to the vehicle that you no longer want to drive so you can give it to the kids. You can even have them get a job so they can technically pay you for the vehicle. Paying for a vehicle themselves will make them feel like they've earned it, and they may be more likely to take better care of the car.